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Easy and Fun Recipes
By:Deborah Ann
Published on 2011-10-01 by AuthorHouse

The most important suggestion I could share with all the food lovers and cooks, is to read the recipe well. bake with a clear mind no other irons in the fire no distractions should come in to play. Have all the necessary tools needed to work with when you cook. Don't be afraid to add a little of this and a little of that to any book recipe. make it your own. Enjoy the compliments of all the ranting and raving you will get when someone eat one of your magnificent dishes. When you cook or baked take time out to share ideas. Be proud of yourself when you add extra spices to recipes and it taste great. Keep a log when cook of any modifications you create when you make the recipe your own. Become a master of all the dishes prepare by you. The joy of cooking is when you can make an inexpensive meal taste as good as an expensive meal. Let your cooking stand the test of time by putting magic into the art of cooking. Appreciate food; food will never let you down. I hope you and your family and friends will enjoy these recipes I have prepared to share with you.

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