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Panama Girl
By:Ida Freer
Published on 2011-07-13 by iUniverse

In the exotic jungles of Panama, a sensitive and courageous twelve-year-old girl named Surni is on the verge of a new life. She is a member of the Embera tribe, an indigenous community that has thrived for centuries by knowing how to live in harmony with the land. But now, as the modern world encroaches, she and her family must face the challenges presented by strangers with unfamiliar habits, technology, and beliefs. Her village now has increasing contact with the outside world, and this must somehow be accepted and integrated into their lives. Together, her family will learn what is best for them. Will the influences of the modern world make their lives better or pull them away from the traditional way of life they’ve embraced for countless generations? The ability to adapt is what has kept the community strong for centuries, and now they must determine which—if any—of these new discoveries are right for them. Surni’s story is one of friendship, family relationships, danger, fear, and many types of courage. In this rich exploration of indigenous people, readers will explore the art and culture of an unfamiliar land. Partial proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit educational and social programs for the Embera Drua community of Panama.

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