Book Sadie Comes Home

Sadie Comes Home
By:Deidra Scott
Published on 2018-02-21 by

AN ANTHOLOGY OF AMISH ROMANCE STORIES WITH UNEXPECTED ENDINGSSADIE COMES HOME Lydia Stolfutz stood at her kitchen window, half-way watching the birds play in a nearby feeder as she kneaded dough for a fresh batch of bread. Across the fields, she could see her husband Alvin plowing up the ground while Daniel fed the chickens in the barn. Daniel Just watching her son made her sad. Out of all her seven children, Daniel was the only one who still remained at home - unmarried and without a family of his own. Although Daniel always tried to seem upbeat and happy, he wasn't fooling his mamm. When he thought no one was watching, Lydia could always see such pain lurking below the surface of his eyes. Sometimes he would stare off into space, not really seeing anything, just lost in the miserable thoughts about the past. Letting out a deep sigh, Lydia reminded herself who was to blame for Daniel's heartbreak. That awful Sadie Bontrager. And now Sadie was back...after never returning home from her Rumspringa. TWO AMISH SISTERSMary and Hannah are two sweetly innocent Amish sisters who have been close all of their life...until they both begin to fall for Jacob, one of the most eligible bachelors in town. Hannah has a crush on him but he seems to have eyes only for Mary...The sisters begin to grow apart as they compete for the charms of Jacob...Will they allow a prospective love interest to come in between their love for one another?AMISH SUNDAYEsther is a young Amish woman hired by a recently widowed man to help take care of his child. Esther agrees to terms with Isaac, but soon grows to love both him and his child. Esther thinks Isaac has feelings for him as well but they are both too shy and professional to make those feelings known. Isaac's family feels the need to help him find another wife so they begin seeking out another mate for him. Esther then begins to fear that their love will be forever unrequited. Or will one of them finally admit their feelings before it is too late?THE AMISH GIRL & THE ENGLISCHEREmma is an angry young Amish woman. Her father had tried to set her up with son of his best friend and she refused. She runs away with the blue-eyed Englischer, Travis, but soon longs for her simple Amish life. Will the community take her back after she has turned their back on them? Or will she remain on the outside world and work things out with Travis?THE LOST TREASURECaylee is a reporter who visits a local Amish farm trying to follow up on a story that one of the houses in the community may be haunted. It is a frivolous news story but she soon meets a handsome man who doesn't want anyone delving into the past of the home. While looking through the old house, she discovers an old treasure map and the two begin a fun search for the |lost treasure.| Caylee finds herself drawn to the Amish man but fears that her own secret will keep them apart.AMISH BEAUTIFULHannah is in love with one of the hired hands on her father's ranch. But the young man seems to be playing with her heart...One day is attentive and loving...the next, he seems distant. There is another young man in town who loves Hannah to death. He is the best friend of the farmhand and feels reluctant to make his own feelings known as he doesn't want to hurt his friend. Hannah knows of the man's feelings and realizes that he is the more stable character... but she cannot ignore her own desire for the farm hand. Hannah prays that God makes his will known to her...Can she figure out God's plan for her love and life?

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