Download From Harlem to the Universe: The Top 10 Chicken and Waffle Recipes On the Planet

From Harlem to the Universe: The Top 10 Chicken and Waffle Recipes On the Planet
By:Bilal |Busy B| Salaam
Published on 2014-06-04 by Bull City Publishing

Legend has it that the all American combination of savory Southern fried chicken and sweet maple syrup drizzled buttermilk waffles was born out of necessity (it is the mother of all invention after all) this intriguing combination was born out of the amalgamation of the 1920s and 30s jazz clubs in places like New York and Chicago is said that patrons and musicians alike would spill out onto the street in the wee morning hours looking for something to soak up all the rotgut gin and provided a much-needed boost of energy that patrons were most likely craving breakfast, and the musicians were most likely in the mood for dinner. So inevitably in a blurry eyed euphoria people would make their way to one of the many 24-hour diners in hopes of satisfying their cravings. Those that wanted breakfast would order a big plate of waffles. Those that wanted dinner a big plate of fried chicken (often times these were the cheapest items on the menu) and because people often dined in groups, both items were often ordered together, along with large cups of coffee, and his people often do they begin to share food with one another. And inevitably a piece of fried chicken ended up attracting a few droplets of maple syrup and a fork full of waffles signed a piece of fried chicken, and in very short order. It was discovered that the sweet and savory combination of both foods eaten together was an explosion of flavor and texture like nothing anyone had experience before. This unique combination was a perfect match for the jazz era hipsters. It was a little strange about that familiar and yet strangely satisfying just like jazz music. And ever since then, a plate of chicken and waffles has been the go to grub after a late night adventure. From Harlem to the universe top 20 chicken and waffle recipes is an outstanding collection of some of the most mouthwatering chicken and waffle recipes ever to be invented this side of the Milky Way everything from classic buttermilk waffles with maple syrup and oven fried chicken to a chicken and waffles grilled cheese sandwich!! And there are some unique twists on some Southern favorites. Anyone that has grown up in the South, and one time or another has had pecan pie for breakfast (whether your mother was working or not) from Harlem to the universe takes his ultimate breakfast of champions. One step further, with the pecan crusted chicken and waffle sandwich!! (This particular dish is so good your taste buds will feel as though they are traveling at warp speed with Mr. Zulu). All of these recipes suggest using top-quality ingredients, and the healthiest possible cooking methods. There is more than one recipe for some variation of oven baked, fried chicken and waffles so not only do you get to experience the awesome taste bud tingling flavor explosion. That is the mind bending combination of chicken and waffles but you will be able to do is in the healthiest way possible (that said, chicken and waffles is one of those food combinations that should definitely be enjoyed in moderation). So the next time you get a late night craving for something sweet and savory, or you are returning any blurry eyed euphoria from an all night adventure and require a little boost of energy turn to the from Harlem to the universe chicken and waffle recipe cookbook, your friends and taste buds will think you. chicken and waffles recipe

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