Book The Prostitution of Women and Girls

The Prostitution of Women and Girls
By:Ronald B. Flowers
Published on 1998 by McFarland

According to reports of the World Health Organization, the prostitution of women and children is increasing dramatically throughout the world. The problem is particularly acute in the lower socioeconomic sectors of the population, including teen runaways, drug addicts, and victims of abuse. This survey focuses first on defining prostitution and then on the motivations of those who became prostitutes. In Part II the overall scope of the problem is examined, along with the various subcultures (e.g., street walkers and call girls) and the prevalence of drugs, crime and victimization. Part III covers teenage prostitution and the issues of child sexual abuse. Part IV details other dimensions of the sex trade industry, such as pornography, male prostitutes, customers, laws, and the effects of decriminalization and legalization. Female prostitution outside the United States is discussed in Part V.

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