Book Happiness Recipe

Happiness Recipe
By:Ogwo David Emenike
Published on 2012-11-05 by Booktango

Who doesn't want to be happy? Tell me if you know any. All men, race, geographic location, religion and philosophies not withstanding, wants to be happy. In this day and age, apart from food, clothing, shelter, security, and acceptance, the human machine needs happiness to function and thrive well in an effort to better the system that drives the progress of humanity. Happiness Recipe: Eat and Stay Happy is a concise book that will put you in the know on how to live happy despite the overwhelming challenges of life. It expounds sure ways to stay happy running the course of life. It teaches and asks: |The best place to be happy is here. The best time to be happy is now. The best person to be happy is you. If you are not happy here and now, where and when will you be happy?|

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